Safety is a top priority for both our clients and our employees. Safety in the construction industry is a valuable asset in the realms of time, cost, quality, and trust. Everyone at Kelleher Construction is responsible for safety. It is the company’s responsibility to initiate a safety program. It is management’s responsibility to ensure the program is being implemented in everyday work practices. It is the responsibility of the employees to abide by company policies, OSHA requirements and other recognized standards. Everyone at Kelleher is responsible for the reporting of unsafe acts or conditions, reporting defective or unsafe equipment, and the proper use of all provided safety equipment.

Kelleher Construction, Inc.

All Kelleher employees are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) on the job to include steel toe boots, reflective vests, hard hats, safety glasses, and hearing protection as base levels of protection. Employees are subject to pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, and subsequent random testing throughout employment. Additionally, management is counseled and trained in recognition of a worker’s fitness for duty.